Our Work

Kinetic Defense is an engineering-led company with the capabilities to support any level of customer qualification requirements, including environmental testing to MIL-STD-810 and ballistic testing to MIL-STD-662.

Our mission is to provide durable, high-performance ballistic solutions for aircraft so our clients can keep their people and assets safe by deterring and defeating small arms threats when the need for swift and secure action arises.

We’ve been designing and producing ballistic protection systems for aircraft since 2003, and we take pride in our ability to quickly and effectively design tools to meet specific project requirements using high-performance materials for critical applications. We specialize in supplemental design and manufacturing support for aircraft modification projects, including composite fairings and secondary structure.

With more than 120 shipsets in service around the world today, we are strongly committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of our valued customers by offering options such as expedited service and custom solutions. We can design ballistic panels that meet national ballistic standards or special design panels to defeat a specific threat. Custom design armor installations are crafted based on aircraft type.

We also work with customers to ensure they have the tools they need to operate at full strength and avoid the costly effects of AOG.